Add custom cell types into matrix

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Custom cell types in matrix dropdown/dynamic

                        //add file type into matrix columns (run-time)
Survey.matrixDropdownColumnTypes.file = {
    properties: ["showPreview", "imageHeight", "imageWidth"]
//add file type into matrix columns (design-time/editor)
SurveyCreator.SurveyQuestionEditorDefinition.definition["matrixdropdowncolumn@file"] = {
    properties: ["showPreview", "imageHeight", "imageWidth"],
    tabs: [{ name: "visibleIf", index: 12 }, { name: "enableIf", index: 20 }]
//add tagbox into matrix columns (run-time)
Survey.matrixDropdownColumnTypes.tagbox = {
    properties: ["choices", "choicesOrder", "choicesByUrl", "otherText"],
    onCellQuestionUpdate: (cellQuestion, column, question, data) => {
        Survey.matrixDropdownColumnTypes.checkbox.onCellQuestionUpdate(cellQuestion, column, question, data);
//add tagbox type into matrix columns (design-time/editor)
SurveyCreator.SurveyQuestionEditorDefinition.definition["matrixdropdowncolumn@tagbox"] = {
    properties: ["hasOther", "otherText", "choicesOrder", "colCount"],
    tabs: [
        { name: "choices", index: 10 },
        { name: "choicesByUrl", index: 11 },
        { name: "visibleIf", index: 12 },
        { name: "enableIf", index: 20 }


var creatorOptions = { };
var creator = new SurveyCreator.SurveyCreator("creatorElement", creatorOptions);

creator.text = JSON.stringify({ questions: [
{ type: "matrixdynamic", name: "sendHomework", title: "Please send your homework", addRowText: "Add Subject",
    columns: [{ name: "subjects", cellType:"tagbox", title: "Select a subject(s)", isRequired: true, choices: ["English: American Literature", "English: British and World Literature", "Math: Consumer Math", "Math: Practical Math", "Math: Developmental Algebra", "Math: Continuing Algebra", "Math: Pre-Algebra", "Math: Algebra", "Math: Geometry", "Math: Integrated Mathematics", "Science: Physical Science", "Science: Earth Science", "Science: Biology", "Science: Chemistry", "History: World History", "History: Modern World Studies", "History: U.S. History", "History: Modern U.S. History", "Social Sciences: U.S. Government and Politics", "Social Sciences: U.S. and Global Economics", "World Languages: Spanish", "World Languages: French", "World Languages: German", "World Languages: Latin", "World Languages: Chinese", "World Languages: Japanese"]},
        { name: "file", "cellType": "file", title: "Please upload your document"},
        {name:"description", cellType: "comment", title: "Please describe your homework"} ],
    rowCount: 1}
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