End-User Documentation for Survey Creator

This document illustrates how to perform basic tasks in the Survey Creator component. The component's UI is organized in multiple tabs. Each section in this document describes an individual tab.

Survey Creator - Tabs Designer Tab Preview Tab Logic Tab JSON Editor Tab Translation Tab

Designer Tab

The Designer tab allows you to configure your survey. You can drag and drop questions and panels from the Toolbox onto the design surface and then use the Property Grid to change the question, panel, and survey settings.

Survey Creator - Designer tab

Question and Panel Types

The Toolbox contains the question and panel types described below.

Single Input

Respondents enter their answer into a single-line text editor. Use the Single Input type for open-ended questions that require short answers.

Question types - Single input

See also:


Respondents click one or several checkboxes to select answers. Use the Checkbox type for questions that accept multiple answers.

Question types - Checkbox


Respondents use radio buttons to select a single answer. Use the Radiogroup type for questions that can have multiple options but accept only one answer.

Question types - Radiogroup

See also: Dropdown

Respondents select a single answer from a drop-down list. Like Radiogroup, the Dropdown type can be used for questions that have multiple options but accept only one answer. However, the Dropdown UI can display more options while occupying less screen space.

Question types - Dropdown


Respondents enter their lengthy answer into a resizable multi-line text area. Use the Comment type for open-ended questions that accept multi-line answers.

Question types - Comment

See also:


Respondents select one number within a range. Use the Rating type when you want respondents to enter a rating.

Question types - Rating


Respondents drag and drop items from a list to rearrange them according to rank or preference. Use the Ranking type for questions in which respondents must set the order of items.

Question types - Ranking

Image Picker

Respondents select one or several images or videos from a series. A value associated with this image or video is saved to the survey results.

Question types - Image Picker
  • How to: Associate values with images or videos
    Expand the Choices category and enter the values in the Choices table:

    Survey Creator - Image value
  • How to: Enable multiple image or video selection
    Expand the General category and select Allow multiple selection:

    Survey Creator - Allow multiple selection


Respondents switch a Boolean editor to Yes or No. The response is saved in the survey results as true for Yes or false for No.

Question types - Boolean


Use the Image type to add an image or video to the survey. This type is used for presentation only and does not produce a value to be saved in the survey results.


Use the HTML type to format text as needed, include links, and insert media or other custom elements into the survey. This type is used for presentation only and does not produce a value to be saved in the survey results. Be aware that HTML content can be vulnerable to security breaches. Ensure that the links you insert lead to trusted resources.

Signature Pad

Respondents use mouse or touch gestures to draw their signature within the allocated input area. Use this type to obtain the respondent's signature or any hand-drawn input.

Question types - Signature pad
  • How to: Resize the allocated area
    Expand the General category and change the Width and Height values:

    Survey Creator - Change size
  • How to: Change the image format
    The respondent's input is saved as a base64-encoded image in one of the following formats: PNG, JPEG, SVG. To select the desired format, use the Image format drop-down menu in the General category:

    Survey Creator - Image format
  • How to: Change the pen color
    Expand the General category and select the desired color from the Pen color drop-down menu:

    Survey Creator - Pen color


Use the Expression type to calculate values and present them to respondents. For example, you can sum up the scores of previous responses, display current date and time, or find an average value. The calculated value is saved in the survey results. In the following image, the Expression type concatenates the first and last names to display a full name:

Question types - Expression

To specify an expression, enter it into the Expression field in the General category. Your expression can reference other survey questions (for example, {question1} + {question2}) or use built-in calculation functions. Refer to the following help topics for more information:


Use the File type to allow respondents to upload files. Respondents drag and drop one or several files onto the allocated area or select files in the browser's Upload File dialog window. The uploaded files are saved in the survey results as base64-encoded strings.

Question types - File
  • How to: Restrict uploaded file types
    The File type is built upon the standard <input type="file"> HTML element. To restrict file types, the standard element uses the accept attribute. Enter its value into the Accepted file types field in the General category:

    Survey Creator - Accepted file types

Always restrict the allowed file types to prevent possible security vulnerabilities.

  • How to: Enable multiple file selection
    Expand the General category and select Allow multiple files:

    Survey Creator - Allow multiple files

Single-Choice Matrix

The Single-Choice Matrix type displays radio buttons in rows and columns. Respondents can select only one radio button in each row.

Question types - Single-Choice Matrix
  • How to: Add new rows
    Expand the Rows category and click Add New:

    Survey Creator - Add new row to a matrix question
  • How to: Randomize rows
    Expand the Rows category, find the Row order editor, and switch it to Random:

    Survey Creator - Row order in a matrix question

See also:

Multiple-Choice Matrix

The Multiple-Choice Matrix type displays rows and columns. At their intersections, the matrix can display the following editors:

Respondents use these editors to select a desired value in each cell. The following image illustrates the Multiple-Choice Matrix type with the default Dropdown editors:

Question types - Multiple-Choice Matrix
  • How to: Change the editor type
    Expand the General category and select the desired editor type from the Cell type drop-down menu:

    Survey Creator - Matrix cell type

See also:

Dynamic Matrix

The Dynamic Matrix type is similar to a Multiple-Choice Matrix, but respondents can add and remove matrix rows.

Question types - Dynamic Matrix

Multiple Text

Respondents enter their answers into multiple single-line text editors. Use the Multiple Text type for open-ended questions that require more than one short answer.

Question types - Multiple text
  • How to: Specify default answers
    Expand the Data category and click Set Default Answer to open the Default Answer pop-up window. Enter the default answers into the text editors and click Apply:

    Survey Creator - Matrix cell type


The Panel type is a container for other questions and panels. Use this type to group several questions or panels and control them all together.

Dynamic Panel

The Dynamic Panel type is a template panel that can contain multiple questions. Respondents can add and remove panels based on the template.

Question types - Dynamic panel


Adorners are design-surface controls for survey element manipulation. Use adorners to edit UI text in place, reorder choices, duplicate and delete elements, specify whether an answer is required, and perform other actions on survey elements. Settings that you specify using adorners are synchronized with settings in the Property Grid, and vice versa.

Each element type has an associated set of adorners. The following image highlights adorners for a Dropdown question:

Survey Creator - Adorners

How to: Add a question to the survey

Drag and drop the desired question type from the Toolbox onto the design surface. Alternatively, you can click the Add Question button to add a Single Input question. This button also displays an ellipsis icon that allows you to change the type of inserted questions.

Survey Creator - Add Question button

How to: Add a page to the survey

In the Property Grid, select Survey, expand the Pages category, and click the Add New button in the Pages editor:

Survey Creator - Add new page

Alternatively, you can add a page on the design surface. The surface displays the skeleton of a new page at the bottom. To add a new page, you need to add a question to it.

How to: Change the question type

Use the element type selector in the question:

Survey Creator - Element type selector

Some question types are non-interchangeable. For example, a Dropdown question supports choices, while Single Input does not. If you switch the question type from Dropdown to Single Input, your choices will be lost. In this case, you can click the Undo button to reinstate the previous configuration:

Survey Creator - The Undo button

How to: Clear the survey

Click the Clear Survey button on the Toolbar:

Survey Creator - The Clear Survey button

Preview Tab

The Preview tab allows you to view and take the survey as a respondent.

Survey Creator - The Preview tab

How to: Re-run the preview

After you complete the survey, you can see the survey results in the table or JSON format. Click the Preview Survey Again button above the results to preview the survey again:

Survey Creator - Preview survey again

How to: Preview the survey on different devices

Click the Device icon and select the desired device from the drop-down menu. You can also click the Orientation icon to switch between the landscape and portrait orientations:

Survey Creator - Preview the survey on different devices

Logic Tab

The Logic tab displays and allows you to edit logical rules that specify the survey flow.

Survey Creator - The Logic tab

How to: Add a new rule

Click Add New Rule at the bottom of the Logic tab to display editors that allow you to specify conditions and select actions to perform when these conditions are met.

Specify conditions (if-clauses)

Select a question whose answer should be checked and a logical operation from the corresponding drop-down menus. Then, specify the answer that applies the rule. Some logical operations do not need an answer (for example, Empty or Not empty).

Survey Creator - Add new logical rule

If the rule needs more than one condition, click the Add Condition button. You can use the AND or OR logical operator to combine the new and previous conditions.

Survey Creator - Add new logical rule

Conditions that you specify in the UI are converted to logical expressions. If you prefer to enter the expressions directly, click the Manual Entry button on the Toolbar.

Survey Creator - Manual entry

Specify the action (then-clause)

Select one of the following actions from the drop-down menu:

  • Show (hide) page
    Makes the selected page visible. If you want to hide the page, invert the logic of your condition.

  • Enable (disable) page
    Makes the selected page editable. If you want to make the page read-only, invert the logic of your condition.

  • Show (hide) question
    Makes the selected question visible. If you want to hide the question, invert the logic of your condition.

  • Enable (disable) question
    Makes the selected question editable. If you want to make the question read-only, invert the logic of your condition.

  • Make question required
    Requires an answer for the selected question.

  • Complete survey
    Completes the survey.

  • Set answer
    Sets a specified answer to the selected question.

  • Copy answer
    Copies the answer from the selected question to a target question.

  • Skip to question
    Navigates the survey to the selected question.

  • Run expression
    Runs a custom expression on the selected question.

  • Set "Survey Complete" page markup
    Specifies custom HTML markup for the Survey Complete page.

How to: Edit a rule

Click a rule to expand it and use UI elements to edit the rule. Click Done to save your changes.

How to: Filter rules

Use the Question Filter to filter rules by a specific question. You can also use the Action Type Filter to view only rules for the selected action type:

Survey Creator - Filter rules in the Logic tab

JSON Editor Tab

The JSON Editor tab enables you to preview and edit the resulting survey configuration. In most cases, you do not need to modify the JSON object on this tab. Change survey settings in the Property Grid instead.

Survey Creator - JSON Editor tab

Translation Tab

The Translation tab displays survey strings and allows you to translate them into different languages.

Survey Creator - Translation tab

How to: Add another language

In the Language Settings sidebar, click the Add icon and select the desired language from the pop-up menu:

Survey Creator - Language settings in the Translation tab

How to: Filter translation strings

Use the Page Filter to filter strings by a specific page. You can also use the Used Strings Filter to view only the strings that were changed:

Survey Creator - Filter strings in the Translation tab

How to: Import or export translation strings to CSV

Click the Import to CSV or Export to CSV button on the Toolbar:

Survey Creator - Filter strings in the Translation tab

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