At the moment, the service is completely free. It will continue to be free until the load/number
of requests grows significantly

About SurveyJS Service

This is the survey service for developers. Additionally, to the version for end-user, where you will be able to find
the most functionality other Survey Services have, the developer version has additional functionality:

It gives you the detail instruction about inserting the Survey Widget inside your web application.

Optionally load the Survey definition from the Service. It allows you to change your Survey(s) without changing your web application code or storing Survey definitions in your storages.

Optionally save the Survey results into our Azure storages, in case you do not want to store them in your storages.

Documentation for public API for saving the Survey Results and retrieving basic information by Survey GUIDs.

Documentation for private API for creating/deleting/editing Surveys and getting Survey Results.

Go to My Surveys to start creating surveys in our Service.

If you want to have the Survey/Form Management System inside your Web Application and do not depend on any third-party Service,
then please visit our Creator page.

We have examples for different developer platforms.