What type of licensing model do you offer?

SurveyJS is free at the base and offers a perpetual developer-based licensing model for the Creator, PDF Generator and Dashboard libraries, meaning you can make a one-time payment and use the software indefinitely.

We provide access to the latest product versions and technical support on a subscription basis. A subscription lasts for a 12 month period (of the original purchase date, or of the latest renewal date). You get permanent access to the versions released within this period.

Do I need to renew my purchased developer license every year?

The license is perpetual. You get permanent access to the versions released within the first 12 months of the original purchase date, along with technical support. Optionally, you can choose to continue receiving all updates and technical support at any time in the future by renewing your subscription with a discount of up to 60% of the current license fee.

The discount varies from 60% to 10% depending on the number of full calendar months since the date you originally purchased the license. If you update your renewal subscription within these 12 full calendar months of initial purchase, you will be entitled for the maximum discount of 60% of the current license fee. A late renewal discount of 10% is guaranteed regardless of the time passed since the first-time license purchase, or since the last subscription renewal.

Do you generate a license key? Where do I find my license key and the activation instructions?

As of versions 1.9.101 we have introduced a key licensing system. A unique license key is generated for each license package purchased. A license key contains software products included in the pricing plan (package) as well as the expiration date of the subscription (for product updates and tech support).

Once you have completed a purchase, you will be prompted to the order confirmation page that contains a link to your license key and the setup instructions. You can also find your license key in the order confirmation email that we send out automatically upon the order completion (if you pay online by card or PayPal), or right after we receive the payment (if you choose to make a regular bank transfer).

Your license key is always available to you in the License Manager section of your Account.

How many licenses do I need if I do not know the exact number of end users who will use SurveyJS Creator to create/modify surveys in my application?

Our developer license is royalty-free. We do not charge any royalties for redistribution of our libraries that have been integrated into your applications. We do not track the number of applications you create using our libraries, nor do we limit the number of end users of SurveyJS Creator or SurveyJS Dashboard.Even if your application has thousands of end users, you will only need to purchase a license for each developer of the application that works with SurveyJS libraries, not every user.

Please note that under general conditions, an end user must not be an application developer who uses the API of our libraries to create/modify their own applications.If your end users are software developers, please contact us at info @devsoftbaltic.com to discuss an OEM agreement between our companies that grants license(s) to such non-standard end users.

How do I decide on the number of licenses needed for my team? Do I purchase a license for each developer or is one per team sufficient?

We license our software development products on a per-developer basis.

You must purchase a commercial license(s) for software developer(s) who will be working with the SurveyJS products' APIs and implementing their integration.

You are not required to purchase developer licenses for your project colleagues that work on its different functional modules, and only use the libraries as dependencies to compile and build the project.

Does the license get associated to the developer's email or to the company's infra-team's email? How do we manage the license if the developer leaves the company or moves out of a project?

Once you have purchased the required number of licenses for your team, e.g. 5 PRO packages, all of them are added to the License Manager section of your Account and your account is granted a permanent status of the owner.

The owner status is unique and irrevocable. In case the owner of the licenses leaves the company or project, they are required to update contact details of their account.

In order to update the email address, please complete the following steps:

1. Go to the https://surveyjs.io/ website.
2. Log in to your account using the current credentials.
3. Once logged in, in the top right hand corner of the page click Account and select Settings.
4. Go to the Details section on the left-side menu.
5. Click Change Email, enter a new email address, confirm it and submit by clicking the Save Changes button.

For security reasons, when updating contact details of the license owner, a member of the infrastructure team who is going to take over the ownership of the licenses is highly advised to update the password of the license owner account too. In order to update the password, scroll down to the Details section of your Account, click the Change Password button, and follow the instructions. Please note, that in order to do this, you will be required to provide the existing password, along with the new one.

Am I allowed to transfer my license(s) to others?

Yes, license holders are allowed to transfer their rights under the END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT to any individual, business, or government entity.You can grant the rights for the license(s) to a new license holder(s), and revoke them at any time in the License Manager section of your Account.
Please note that a new user account will be automatically generated for a new license holder if they are not registered at www.surveyjs.io at the moment of the license assignment. We will notify such license holders of the granted license and send them password setup instructions via email once the license assignment is complete.

Why do I need to transfer the licenses to other team members? Is it mandatory?

To make sure each member of your infrastructure team can contact our dedicated Help Desk directly, we advise the owner to distribute the licenses among the team by assigning a new license holder for some or all of your licenses. You are allowed to assign up to the total number of licenses purchased. License transfer has been implemented to improve the effectiveness of our interaction with our customers, and is strictly optional. All transferred licenses remain present in the License Manager section of the license owner account.

What’s the procedure for the license transfer?

In order to assign a new license holder,

1. Click the arrow icon on the left of the license package to expand the license management area.
2. Click the plus sign to initiate assignment, and enter the email address of the team member you wish to assign a license to.
3. Click Assign.

Once a license has been assigned to a new license holder, they will receive an email notification with instructions on how to access and activate their license key. If a new license holder did not have an account with www.surveyjs.io when a license was granted, a new user account will be automatically generated for such a user. They will also receive a separate email with password setup instructions in order to be able to activate the new account and access the license key. All transferred license holders are given a ‘Developer’ status that does not entail any license managing rights. Nor do such license holders have access to the list of other assigned team members within the organization.

Can I change the holder of a license (Developer) if they leave a company or project?

As an owner, you will always be able to revoke the granted rights for the licenses at any time in the future, and change their holders to new individuals.

As the owner status is irrevocable, you will remain the sole and principal owner of all the licenses you purchased regardless of whether you assigned new holders for some or all of the licenses you own.

We intend to use the SurveyJS libraries for internal purposes only, in application(s) that don’t immediately generate profit. Do we still have to buy the developer license(s), or can we integrate the libraries free of charge?

You are required to obtain a developer license(s) regardless of the purpose of the application you develop and the use cases you need to handle – whether it is an order form for online payment, an event registration form, a patients’ history chart, or anything in between. However, if you represent a nonprofit organization (NPO), please contact us at info@devsoftbaltic.com for a special offer.

Do I need to purchase a license to create an application prototype that embeds SurveyJS Creator for demonstration purposes only?

You are allowed to test the functionality of our libraries and decide whether it’s suitable for your needs and requirements before making a purchase.

Am I allowed to use SurveyJS libraries in SaaS solutions?

YES. The license holder can deploy their license(s) to any web server or cloud for use in their web applications, including SaaS (Software as a Service) applications. However, such applications cannot compete with SurveyJS libraries (software development products) by offering a tool for developers to build their own form management system using the same codebase. Please refer to Paragraph 5 of the END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT for further details.

What third-party libraries do the SurveyJS products contain, and what type of licensing are they subject to?

SurveyJS incorporates several third-party libraries and open-source software (OSS) to enhance its functionalities across various features.These libraries all operate under the MIT License, a permissive open-source license known for its flexibility and minimal restrictions.

Here’s a breakdown of the libraries used in different components:

SurveyJS Creator integrates the JSON5 library. The code is included within the library itself, eliminating the need for separate referencing.

SurveyJS PDF utilizes the jsPdf library.

SurveyJS Dashboard employs the following third-party MIT-licensed libraries to deliver some dashboard functionalities:

• jQuery (License)
• plotly.js (License)
• tabulator (License)
• wordcloud (License)
• muuri (License)

Legacy browser support relies on the DataTables plugin.

Data Storage

Do you store survey results and/or any other respondent data in your database?

The Survey JS project was developed with full integration and security in mind. Our goal is to empower users to create their own self-hosted form management system and to avoid third-party storage of sensitive user data. We do not track any of your survey data, nor do we access it, unless you opt to utilize our free Azure storage facilities rather than your own. Regardless of where users store their survey metadata and results, the only information we retain about all users is what they provide to generate a quote and the records of licensed developers. This allows us to identify users in the system when they request assistance later on.

We strongly encourage our users to store all data using cloud storage facilities of their choice or maintain it on their own premises, instead of using black box SaaS platforms that lock users into an ecosystem they cannot control and put at risk of hacking respondents’ personal data (a large TypeForm’s data breach in 2018 or phishing attacks using Cloud-based survey software in 2020 are good examples).

Do you charge users for storing survey results and/or survey definitions if they don’t have or are not willing to use their own storage facilities? Are there any file size limitations?

No, we do not. It’s important to clarify here that the Free Survey tool was developed to demonstrate the capacities of our libraries; unlike other survey platforms, we do not sell cloud storage services or limit the number of forms (JSON schemas) and form submissions per month. The free demo enables our users to explore the functionality of our libraries and estimate the value they deliver before actually developing their own self-hosted survey software and having those libraries integrated into their application(s). The survey results and definitions created during such tests/trials are saved in Azure storage free of charge.

If you choose to use SurveyJS Azure storage for storing your form JSON schemas (definitions) and submission files (responses), please note that there is a size limit of 64KB in total for a single form submission file. If your form contains elements whose user input can be heavy, such as a Signature pad or File upload, such input is stored directly in the form submission file. Uploading heavy files to these elements may result in the response file size exceeding the set limit of 64KB, and our server will return an error after a form submission attempt. SurveyJS bears no responsibility for any loss of user data collected through forms or surveys stored within the free facilities.

If you wish for your forms to have an unlimited total size for all uploaded files, including signatures, documents, images, and videos, we recommend storing survey and form definitions along with submission data in your own storage. This can be achieved through on-premises data storage, or you may choose to host your data on a cloud service.

Source Code

How do I get the source code of your libraries?

All of our libraries are open-source. You can find the source code and the development history of a library on the SurveyJS GitHub page (choose the library-related repository). You can also view the Issue tab of a library’s repository to check out the bug fixes and new functionality in progress.

Am I allowed to make changes to the source code?

You certainly are. You simply need to select the library-related repository on the SurveyJS GitHub page, create a new branch, and make the required changes.However, we strongly recommend that you contact us about the functionality you want to introduce.It’s possible that the desired functionality already exists or will soon be implemented.We are always happy to collaborate on new functionality with our users as well.


What information security requirements does your company adhere to? How do you handle server infrastructure security?

As a provider of client JavaScript libraries, we execute our code in browsers. We do not maintain server code, nor do we offer Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud services. Our focus lies in developing and supporting open-source client UI libraries. For this reason, most common information security requirements are not applicable to our company, as our code is executed in browsers and cannot technically access your server infrastructure. For further details, we recommend consulting with your company's Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Do you fix bugs and/or add new functionality?

We constantly improve our libraries and try to resolve the majority of open issues before starting to implement any new functionality. We understand the importance of having bug-free libraries. Being big fans of test-driven development (TDD), we write hundreds of unit tests to detect and fix bugs at the initial development stage. Since we have plenty of unit tests, functional (E2E) tests, and CI setup, we can introduce new minor (but useful) updates every week.

Regarding new functionality, the short answer is yes, we do add new features regularly. However, we thoroughly estimate their cost and potential value to our users as well as possible risks they might entail. The general rule is the bigger the value/cost rate of a requested feature, the more likely we introduce it in the foreseeable future. We certainly do our best to deliver changes seamlessly and avoid any code-breaking changes. Our Survey JSON definition, for instance, created in an early beta version of SurveyJS Creator still works well with the latest versions.

Can I add custom CSS to brand the look of my surveys?

YES. Unlike mainstream SaaS survey tools, SurveyJS libraries offer straightforward and unlimited style customization for FREE out-of-the-box. With SurveyJS, you can use modern built-in themes “as is” or create your own custom survey themes, add your company logo, create a custom Thank you page at the end of your survey – your creativity and skills in HTML/JavaScript/CSS is the only limit. Freely add custom CSS code to style your surveys and make them look as visually distinct as possible, incorporating your brand identity and aligning survey widgets with your site.

Is it possible to format/style text of survey elements using Markdown?

YES. With SurveyJS you can use HTML and Markdown for common appearance customizations in question titles or values (like making bold/italic or adding images). For advanced scenarios, you can also provide external markdown converter or create custom themes.

Is customization of survey design and its elements free for everyone?

YES. With SurveyJS libraries, you do not need to look up suitable pricing plans to just change theme colors, fonts, or borders – unlimited theme customization capabilities are free for everyone and built-in. Unlike the majority of online survey tools, we do not charge users for such basic capabilities.

How do I remove a referral badge from the footer?

SurveyJS Library and GUI-based Survey Creator do NOT embed any marketing materials into your surveys, including referral badge. So no need to pay extra to hide or turn gray that “Powered by Survey Tool” sign from the footer and the Thank you page at the end of your survey.

Is it true that if I self-host SurveyJS libraries there are no limits on the number of forms I can create, monthly form submissions, and fields per form that I can choose?

YES. SurveyJS does not limit you on the number of survey forms you create (active or inactive), the number and question types you choose to add, as well as the number of responses your users submit in your self-hosted surveys.

Can the SurveyJS Library also be used as a front-end form library, for example, if I need to build a login or an order form?

YES. In addition to using Form Library as an engine that loads survey data to and from a database — allowing you to run all kinds of web forms made with Survey Creator in your app, you can also use it as an extensible front-end form library. Please refer to the SurveyJS cart page to see an example. Almost every element of the page, including the contact information form, the widget itself, and even company details section - all have been built using Form Library.Any SurveyJS form can be modified using the library’s APIs. To communicate with the server, the SurveyJS library uses JSON objects that allow you to separate the backend from the frontend.So there's no need to develop and support a custom front-end form library if you have SurveyJS.

Survey results ceased to display. What do I do?

While analyzing the survey data, you can customize the way it is presented in the Results section of each survey, e.g., you can hide or reposition certain table columns or limit access to them. If you make changes to an active survey and the survey data ceases to display, it is recommended to reset the data display settings to their default state by clicking Reset Table State and Reset Summary State - whichever you customized. If resetting doesn't help, please contact the Help Desk for assistance at info@devsoftbaltic.com

How does SurveyJS maintain accessibility, and what accessibility standards does it comply with?

At SurveyJS, we are committed to ensuring the accessibility of our product by conducting comprehensive accessibility testing using Axe and TestCafe. We evaluate various question types and functionality against established web accessibility standards, including WCAG 2.0 Level A, WCAG 2.0 Level AA, WCAG 2.1 Level A, and WCAG 2.1 Level AA. This ensures that SurveyJS is user-friendly and inclusive for all, regardless of their abilities or assistive technology usage. We also welcome user feedback to further enhance our the accessibility of our libraries.

For more details on our accessibility efforts, please visit our dedicated Accessibility Statement page.

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Since the license is perpetual, you will still have permanent access to the product versions released within the first 12 month of the original purchase date.

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