Product Licensing

To use our paid software development product(s) in your applications, you must purchase commercial license(s) for software developer(s) who will be working with the SurveyJS products' APIs and implementing their integration.

Form Library

An open-source MIT licensed JavaScript library. It’s free even for commercial use, and can be integrated “as is” or modified.

Survey Creator

Design complex survey forms in a drag and drop no code graphical user interface (GUI). Requires a developer license for commercial use.


Visualize and analyze your survey results with the survey data dashboard. Requires a developer license for commercial use.

PDF Generator

Save unlimited custom-built survey forms to PDF (both new and filled-in), or generate fillable PDF forms. Requires a developer license for commercial use.

The terms of our licenses are fully outlined/described in the Devsoft Baltic OÜ End User License Agreement (EULA) , including attribution and disclaimers. Before using our paid software development product(s), you must read, understand and accept the terms/conditions of the EULA. If you have questions regarding our license and terms of use, please write to us at

Though the General License terms specified below and the Questions and Answers listed in the Licensing FAQ section in no way supplant/replace the terms/conditions defined within the Devsoft Baltic OÜ EULA, we hope they will explain some of the terms/concepts contained within the End User License Agreement.

General License Terms

The number of seats purchased must be equal to or greater than the number of licensed developers immediately involved in the development of your application(s) using SurveyJS libraries.

Our developer license is royalty-free. We do not charge any royalties for redistribution of our libraries that have been integrated into your applications.

The same license(s) can be used in different applications (projects).

We provide full source code and technical assistance for smoother product integration.

You are allowed to modify the source code at any moment.

License holders are allowed to transfer their rights under the EULA to any individual or business or government entity upon prior written approval from Devsoft Baltic OÜ.

We license our software components on a subscription basis. A subscription lasts for a 12 month period of the original purchase date. You get permanent access to the versions released within this period.

The license is perpetual. So you are allowed to use the latest received version for unlimited period of time.

You can choose to continue receiving all updates and technical support at any time in the future by paying the annual support fee with a discount of around 60% of the current license fee.

Pricing Overview

We license our software development product(s) on a per-developer basis.




$499 €499


per developer

$199 €199

updates and support

for 12 mo


$899 €899


per developer

$359 €359

updates and support

for 12 mo

Important Notice

At no time may licensee use all or any part of the libraries (software development products) licensed under the Devsoft Baltic OÜ End User License Agreement (EULA) to create any tool, redistributable, or product that directly or indirectly competes with the software development product(s).

Under no conditions may licensee distribute the software development product(s) or its part(s) "as is", modified, or as a part of another product/library or open-source software, to others.

Devsoft Baltic OÜ does not limit license holders on the number of applications they create using the libraries, nor does it limit the number of end users of SurveyJS Creator, Dashboard, or PDF Generator, taken such an end user is not an application developer who uses the API of our libraries to create/modify their own applications.

You are allowed to test the functionality of the libraries and decide whether they are suitable for your needs and requirements before making a purchase.

It is not required to purchase developer licenses for your project colleagues that work on its different functional modules, and only use the libraries as dependencies to compile and build the project.

Please click Read EULA to view the full version of the End User License Agreement.

Read EULA / See FAQs

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