Online visual survey creator and form builder

Add the feature-rich and customizable online
Survey Creator and
Form Builder
into YOUR Web Application

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Integrate the Survey Creator/Form Builder into your Web App

Create the survey JSON definition
without registration or use our Survey Service to generate the JSON you can use in your app or

Build your own Survey/Form Service to generate many surveys/Forms for your internet/intranet applications.
You can customize the Survey Creator to make sure it fully suites your business needs.
Store Surveys definitions and/or results in your own database or use our service.

Please visit our Service Examples page for examples of different server platforms.

Explore our online Survey Creator

Load and Save
Editing Survey

Access the text property at any time to get/set the survey JSON definition and save the definition in your service/database with a saveSurveyFunc callback.

See the example

Show/hide Creator tabs

Show or hide Creator tabs, buttons and Property Grid.

See the example

Custom widgets and Components

Display custom widgets you use in surveys in the Creator. Simplify and enrich Creator functionality with Components.

See the example

Toolbox customization

Add/remove/modify elements in the toolbox panel.

See the example

elements properties

Write a couple of lines of code to add a new properties to elements and/or remove/hide properties. Examples: add new properties, remove/hide properties

Multi-languages surveys

Make it easy for your users to create multiple languages surveys.

See the example

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