Store and analyze survey results

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We consider this service to be a live example of how to use all our client libraries together.
The service is free. The only constraint is the size of a response which is limited to 64K.

About SurveyJS Service

Our free Survey Service provides public and private API that you can use in your server or client applications.
Please note: The purpose of this service is not to be a storage of your data or to get access to data of your users. We would prefer that you store your data in your own database. We have created our service and its storage primarily for illustrative purposes - to demonstrate our client libraries in action and to help developers start faster with our libraries.

Provides detailed instructions about how to insert the Survey Widget into your web application.

Optionally load the Survey definition from the Service. Allows you to change your Survey(s) without changing your web application's code or storing Survey definitions in your storage.

Optionally save the Survey results into our Azure storages, in case you do not want to store them in your storages.

Documentation on the public API used to save the Survey Results and how to retrieve basic information by Survey GUIDs.

Documentation for the private API used to create/delete/edit Surveys and get Survey Results.

Go to My Surveys to use our Service to create surveys.

Please visit our SurveyJS Creator and SurveyJS Analytics pages for information on how to use these libraries in your web applications.

Different examples are available for developer platforms.

Service limitations

File upload question. File content is saved inside the survey result JSON and thus survey result is not allowed to exceed 64 kB.
The `storeDataAsText` property of the `file` question type is hidden in online survey creator on our site.

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