Open-Source JavaScript Form Builder Libraries

Building your own form management system has never been easier.

Automate forms workflow and retain full ownership of respondent data.

SurveyJS is developed for

Why SurveyJS

SurveyJS is your free and open-source alternative to mainstream SaaS survey
platforms and pricey custom solutions.

Free and Open-Source

The SurveyJS Form Library is free and open-source under the MIT license, which is extremely permissive and lets true innovation take place.

Data Security

With SurveyJS, you can finally avoid using third-party black box SaaS platforms and create a secure and self-hosted form management system, retaining all sensitive data on your own servers.

Full Customization

Freely customize included themes using CSS-based Theme Editor to incorporate your brand identity and design language.

Support for Integration

SurveyJS has integration for React.js, Angular, Vue.js, Knockout, and of course, jQuery. You also have total freedom of choice as to the backend, because any server + database combination is fully compatible.

Perpetual Licensing

Commercial usage of our GUI-based form/survey builder requires a developer license, which is perpetual, world-wide and royalty-free: we do not charge any royalties for redistribution of our libraries, regardless of the number of end-users you have.

Professional Tech Support

Our tech experts will guide you through all aspects of building your own form management system with SurveyJS. In addition to this, there is extensive documentation for developers.

SurveyJS UI Libraries

SurveyJS provides you with the building blocks to create your own self-hosted form management system
where even non-technical users can make and run unlimited surveys and forms (both digital and PDF),
and visualize responses in the dashboard.

Form Library

A free and open-source MIT-licensed JavaScript library that lets you design dynamic, data-driven, multi-language survey forms and run them in your web applications using a variety of front-end technologies.

Survey Creator

A GUI-based no-code survey builder that allows easy drag-and-drop form creation even for a non-technical user. Requires a developer license for commercial use. Try out our free survey tool built to demonstrate the capabilities of the Survey Creator library.


Simplifies survey data analysis with interactive and customizable charts and tables. Visualize your insights with the survey data dashboard and analyze survey results in one view. Requires a commercial developer license.

PDF Generator

Allows you to save an unlimited number of custom-built survey forms to PDF (both new and filled-in), and generate fillable PDF forms to automate your forms workflow and go paperless. PDF Generator requires a commercial developer license.


David B.


It's very flexible. It also works in a variety of different types of JS environments.

Gerald P.

Associate Business Consultant

Great survey builder with loads of easy-to-use tools, including customizable drop-down menus, Analytics, visualization graphs, and a good collection of themes which I found very useful for my work.

Boris K.

Front-End Developer

I'm happy to work with the SJS library with cool architecture and perfect support! And the second version is a great step forward! We are currently migrating to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add custom CSS to brand the look of my surveys?

YES. Unlike mainstream SaaS survey tools, SurveyJS libraries offer straightforward and unlimited style customization for FREE out-of-the-box. With SurveyJS, you can use modern built-in themes “as is” or create your own custom survey themes, add your company logo, create a custom Thank you page at the end of your survey – your creativity and skills in HTML/JavaScript/CSS is the only limit. Freely add custom CSS code to style your surveys and make them look as visually distinct as possible, incorporating your brand identity and aligning survey widgets with your site.

Is it possible to format/style text of survey elements using Markdown?

YES. With SurveyJS you can use HTML and Markdown for common appearance customizations in question titles or values (like making bold/italic or adding images). For advanced scenarios, you can also provide external markdown converter or create custom themes.

Is customization of survey design and its elements free for everyone?

YES. With SurveyJS libraries, you do not need to look up suitable pricing plans to just change theme colors, fonts, or borders – unlimited theme customization capabilities are free for everyone and built-in. Unlike the majority of online survey tools, we do not charge users for such basic capabilities.

Do you store survey results and/or any other respondent data in your database?

The Survey JS project was developed with full integration and security in mind. We want to enable our users to build their own self-hosted form management system and avoid third-party storage of sensitive data that they acquire from users. So, we do not natively keep track of any of your data, nor do we have any access to it unless you write the code allowing us to do so, although we prefer that you do not. The only information we store about our users is the information they fill in to generate a quote and the records of licensed developers so that we can later identify them in the system when they request assistance.
We strongly encourage our users to store all data using cloud storage facilities of their choice or maintain it on their own premises, instead of using black box SaaS platforms that lock users into an ecosystem they cannot control and put at risk of hacking respondents’ personal data (a large TypeForm’s data breach in 2018 or phishing attacks using Cloud-based survey software in 2020 are good examples).

Is it true that if I self-host SurveyJS libraries there are no limits on the number of forms I can create, monthly form submissions, and fields per form that I can choose?

YES. SurveyJS does not limit you on the number of survey forms you create (active or inactive), the number and question types you choose to add, as well as the number of responses your users submit in your self-hosted surveys.

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Since the license is perpetual, you will still have permanent access to the product versions released within the first 12 month of the original purchase date.

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