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v 1.9.50

Survey and Form Libraries

Powerful and extendable JavaScript components that allow you and your users to build surveys / forms, store them in your database, and analyze survey results using versatile visualization tools.

Integrate SurveyJS to develop a fully self-hosted
survey and form management system

SurveyJS provides building blocks that you can use to implement a self-hosted survey and form service. Your users will be able to create surveys and forms, run them, store results in your database, and analyze them.

Open-source JavaScript libraries to build surveys / forms
The alternative to cloud services and custom solutions

Angular, React, and Vue support

SurveyJS components are developed for all popular JavaScript frameworks, including Angular, React, and Vue.

Any server, any database

Our client-side components work with any server (PHP, NodeJS, ASP.NET, you name it) and any database that supports JSON, Text, or Blob fields.

Stunning peformance

SurveyJS is optimized to work with surveys and forms of any size. Even surveys with hundreds of questions and complex logic work like a charm.

Modern, customizable UI

SurveyJS ships with multiple modern themes. You can also customize them using CSS to match your application's look and feel.


You can use our libraries in any kinds of applications, including SaaS, without worrying about unexpected additional cost.

Third-party component integration

Extend your surveys with your favorite third-party JavaScript components.

Many companies are already using SurveyJS

Our customers come from different industries: banks, insurance companies, health and educational organizations, including all firms from the Big Four.
They choose SurveyJS because our libraries:

Support all popular JavaScript frameworks.
Have great performance. They can handle forms with hundreds of questions.
Are open source.
Include a powerful logic engine.
Easily integrate with any server and database.
Can be customized and extended.

Follow the steps below to integrate SurveyJS into your application

Survey Creation

Our Survey Creator component allows users to create and modify surveys. Add it to your application , write functions that load and save survey JSON definitions in your database, and implement a simple UI that displays a list of loaded surveys. You will need a developer license to integrate the Survey Creator into your project.

Running Surveys and Collecting Results

Use our Survey Runner component to run the surveys created by your users. It is free to use under the MIT license. Store survey results in your database for further analysis.

Visualization and Analysis

You can display survey results as a custom table OR use beautiful grids, charts, and dashboards from our Analytics Pack. If your users want their surveys as PDF documents or in printed form, add SurveyJS PDF Export to your application.

Deeper Integration with Your System

Your business needs might require specific functionality from a survey management system. To satisfy them, you can extend SurveyJS features and customize their behavior. Review our service examples for most popular server platforms to try the service in action and download the source code.