Load Data from Web Services

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SurveyJS Form Library allows you to populate drop-down menus with data loaded from a REST API web service. For this purpose, drop-down form fields include the choicesByUrl property. It accepts an object with the following properties:

  • url: String
    A RESTful service's URL. It may include placeholders that allow you to use question values as URL query parameters (see the reg_country question in this demo).

  • valueName: String
    Specifies which field contains choice values.

  • titleName: String
    Specifies which field contains display texts for choice values.

  • path: String
    A path to the array of choices. Specify path only if the array of choices is nested within the object returned by the service. The following path separators are allowed: semicolon (;), comma (,).

When you use choicesByUrl, the form field queries an entire dataset in a single request. This technique may decrease performance on large datasets. In this case, we recommend that you implement lazy loading.

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