Carry Forward Responses

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The Carry Forward Responses feature allows you to copy choices from one question (the source) to another (the target). You can choose to copy selected, unselected, or all choices. In this demo, you are asked to select at least two smartphone features. They will be copied to the next question where you can rank them in order of importance.

Supported Question Types

Carry Forward Responses can be used with the following question types:

Configure the Source Question

The source question should define the choices array. To learn how to configure this array for a question type of your choice, follow the links listed in the Supported Question Types section.

Configure the Target Question

To carry forward choices from a source question, assign its name to the choicesFromQuestion property of a target question. If you want to copy only selected or unselected choices, set the choicesFromQuestionMode property to "selected" or "unselected". This demo shows how to carry forward selected choices.

The target question can include its own choices in addition to copied choices. Specify them in the choices array.

If you choose to carry forward selected or unselected choices, their number may become zero. In this case, the target question displays only its title, but you can hide the entire question instead. Enable the hideIfChoicesEmpty property or specify the visibleIf expression. When the expression evaluates to false, the target question becomes invisible. In this demo, the question hides if you select one or no choices from the source question.

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