Hide a Category from the Property Grid

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This sample demonstrates how to handle the onShowingProperty event to hide all properties in the 'Logic' category and the 'Logic' category itself.

Currently, there is no single option to hide a category in the Properties grid for all survey elements (pages, panels, questions of different types). Actually, a category in the Properties grid hides automatically, if all its properties become hidden. So, to hide a category, you can iterate through all properties and hide those which belong to this category.

The definition of all question properties (together with the related categories/tabs) can be found in our sources, in the following file: questionEditorDefinition.ts

To hide the 'Logic' category, you can review the questionEditorDefinition.ts file and populate a stop-list array (propertyStopList in the sample code) with properties that contain 'tab: "logic"'. Then handle the Creator's onShowingProperty event and prevent the display of properties contained in the black list. As a result, the 'Logic' category hides automatically if it does not contain any property.

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