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v 1.9.0

Analyze survey results

Visualize survey results as charts or tables.
Get to know your audience.

SurveyJS Analytics

The SurveyJS Analytics library allows to render survey results
as charts or tables

Main Features

• Count answers and render results as charts for select-type questions
• Count answers and render results as a gauge for range-type question
• Three different types of charts: bar, pie and line
• Word cloud to represent text questions
• Interactive filtering for the select type questions
• Flexible layout and customizable colors


Review the analytics example or check out this standalone plnkr


The SurveyJS Analytics library is distributed under the commercial license. Please read more about licensing on our license page.


If you need additional functionality from the SurveyJS Analytics, create an issue in our support center
and we'll do our best to assist you.