bootstrap support
Design using bootstrap classes.
full control
It's just a Javascript library. You are able to hide/show any question, tabs, modify the behavior and so on.
save/load data in your database
Use Javascript functions and callback to load/save surveys from/into your database or service.

For years, we have to use the third-party Websites to let our employee/colleges to create/modify surveys and forms, so later our users/clients will be able to fill these surveys/forms.

For some reason, there is an opinion that is hard, almost impossible to create your own solution. Our team would not say it is impossible. JavaScript rules the web for many years already and we do not see any reason in using third-part Websites for Survey management.

We have all pieces, so you will be able to create the Survey management solution exactly for your needs. Running surveys and Editor will look as you need them look. Those question types that you do not need will be removed from Editor Toolbox, custom question types, that only you need will be available for your users. You may even customize Editor Toolbox for differently for different types of your user. You may add new properties into question types or remove/hide the existing. Customize Property and Question Editors and so much more.

Do not be afraid to create YOUR OWN Survey management solution. Many of our SurveyJS Editor customers have already built them. We helped dozens companies to make it happens. It is not a rocket science, since the hardest part has been already implemented and it is their as open-source libraries.

If you come back on this page in several weeks, you will be able to see the examples of Survey management systems built on different server developer platforms.