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The SurveyJS team releases a new version every week. To view the latest enhancements and bug fixes, please visit the Changelog page. Below, you can find the roadmap for 2023 and the major features implemented in 2022.

Roadmap for 2023

Many exciting features are planned to be released within the next 12 months. Here’s only the tip of the iceberg:

Vue 3 support for Form Library and Survey Creator

Theme Editor in Survey Creator

New page navigation mode (table of contents)

Built-in input mask support for the Text question type

Animated visual effects

Enhanced support for mobile devices

and much, much more.

We would like to thank each and every one of you who expressed their continuing support for SurveyJS in 2022 by pointing out issues, contributing valuable suggestions, giving feedback, or simply by being our customer. This year brought us many new features, the next year is promising to be just as fruitful. So stay tuned for 2023 with SurveyJS.

Major Features Released in 2022

Survey Creator V2 for Angular, Knockout, and React

Survey Creator V2 received a complete UI and architecture overhaul. We wanted to make sure that the new version outperforms Survey Creator V1 in every way. 2022 saw the release of native Survey Creator support for React and Angular. More on this in our blog on Medium:
In addition, we released the Knockout version, which you can also use in your jQuery and Vue applications. Native support for Vue 3 is on its way.
To learn more about changes introduced to Survey Creator, refer to the What’s New in Survey Creator V2 help topic. To migrate from Survey Creator V1, follow the instructions from the Migration to Survey Creator V2 article.

New Separated Bundles

We have separated the survey data model from the rendering code. This change has enabled us to test the data model independently from rendering and reuse the data model across all our products. As a result, the total size of our bundles was reduced.
Previous bundles:






New bundles:

survey-core (platform-independent survey data model)





Now, you should use the `survey-core` bundle in conjunction with the bundle for your platform: Angular, React, Vue, or Knockout. For jQuery, you can switch to the `survey-knockout-ui` bundle or keep using the `survey-jquery` bundle without `survey-core`. Refer to our Get Started guides for details.
We also moved the localization strings into a separate module. It is part of the `survey-core` bundle, but it can now be referenced or imported individually when needed. To learn more, refer to the Localization & Globalization help topic.

Native Angular Support

Previously, our Angular integration was a wrapper over the Knockout version. In 2022, we introduced native support for Angular. You can now use proper Angular components to build your surveys. Here’s an example — Custom Color Picker.
Refer to the following help topic for instruction on how to enable native Angular support for SurveyJS Form Library: Add a Survey to an Angular Application.

New Customizable UI Theme

With the UI overhaul came a new UI theme. The Default V2 theme has an up-to-date look and feel and uses CSS variables extensively, which makes it easy to customize colors, font size, and paddings to your needs.

Dropdown Question Redesigned

Our Dropdown question is no longer a standard `<select>` element. We introduced an updated Dropdown question that was designed from scratch. You no longer need to integrate third-party components, such as select2, into your survey to get advanced functionality—the new Dropdown supports item filtering, lazy loading, and many other features out of the box.

New Multi-Select Dropdown Question (Tag Box)

One of the latest additions to our Form Library is the Tag Box question type. It allows users to select multiple items from a drop-down menu. All the features present in the Dropdown question type, such as lazy loading, item customization, and filtering, you can also find in Tag Box.

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