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The PageModel object describes a survey page and contains properties and methods that allow you to control the page and access its elements (panels and questions).

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addElement method
addNewPanel method
addNewQuestion method
areQuestionsRandomized property
clearErrors method
clearIncorrectValues method
clone method
collapse method
containsElement method
containsErrors property
cssClasses property
description property
elements property
enableIf property
errors property
expand method
focusFirstErrorQuestion method
focusFirstQuestion method
fromJSON method
getAllPanels method
getComments method
getDisplayValue method
getElementByName method
getLocale method
getPropertyByName method
getPropertyValue method
getQuestionByName method
getType method
getValue method
hasDescription property
id property
indent property
inSurvey property
isActive property
isCollapsed property
isDescendantOf method
isDesignMode property
isExpanded property
isLoadingFromJson property
isPage property
isPanel property
isQuestion property
isReadOnly property
isRequired property
isStartPage property
isValueEmpty method
isVisible property
maxTimeToFinish property
maxWidth property
minWidth property
name property
onItemValuePropertyChanged event
onPropertyChanged event
parent property
parentQuestion property
questions property
questionsOrder property
questionTitleLocation property
readOnly property
registerPropertyChangedHandlers method
removeElement method
renderWidth property
requiredErrorText property
requiredIf property
requiredText property
rightIndent property
scrollToTop method
setPropertyValue method
state property
survey property
timeSpent property
title property
toggleState method
toJSON method
unregisterPropertyChangedHandlers method
validate method
visible property
visibleIf property
visibleIndex property
wasShown property
width property

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