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Configures access to a RESTful service that returns choices for Checkbox, Dropdown, Radiogroup, and other multiple-choice question types.

Use the following properties to configure this object:

  url: "http://...", // A RESTful service's URL.
  valueName: "value", // Specifies which field contains choice values.
  titleName: "title", // Specifies which field contains display texts for choice values.
  imageLinkName: "imageUrl", // Specifies which field contains image URLs. Used in Image Picker questions.
  // Path to the array of choices. Specify `path` only if the array of choices is nested within the object returned by the service.
  // The following path separators are allowed: semicolon `;`, comma `,`.
  path: "myNestedArray"

Typically, you should assign this object to a question's choicesByUrl property.

Inherited from the following class(es):


clone method
fromJSON method
getPropertyByName method
getPropertyValue method
getType method
imageLinkName property
inSurvey property
isDescendantOf method
isDesignMode property
isLoadingFromJson property
isValueEmpty method
onItemValuePropertyChanged event
onPropertyChanged event
path property
registerPropertyChangedHandlers method
setPropertyValue method
titleName property
toJSON method
unregisterPropertyChangedHandlers method
url property
valueName property

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