SurveyJS PDF Generator Overview

SurveyJS PDF Generator is a client-side extension over the SurveyJS Library that enables users to save surveys as PDF documents.

Survey PDF Generator


  • Support for all built-in SurveyJS Library question types
  • Export of survey results
  • Interactive PDF documents that allow users to fill them
  • Automatic page breaks
  • Markdown support
  • Customizable page format and font
  • Header and footer support
  • An API to save a PDF document on the user's computer or get raw PDF content

Get Started

We also include multiple demo examples that allow you to edit and copy code.


  • Dynamic elements and characteristics (visibility, validation, navigation buttons) are not supported.
  • Implied screen resolution for element width calculation is 72 dpi.
  • Text questions support only the following input types: text, password, color.
  • Radiogroup questions do not support individual read-only items.
  • For Image Picker questions, imageFit is always "fill".
  • HTML questions support only a restricted subset of HTML.
  • Panels cannot be collapsed.
  • Dynamic panels support only the "list" renderMode and cannot be collapsed.

What's New

Visit our What's New page for information on new features, recent bug fixes, and latest additions.


SurveyJS PDF Generator is not available for free commercial usage. If you want to integrate it into your application, you must purchase a commercial license.

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