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This help topic describes how to troubleshoot problems that may occur when you use the SurveyJS Form Library in your application.

The survey doesn't contain visible pages or questions

Issue: The survey appears empty, and the following message is displayed: "The survey doesn't contain visible pages or questions".

Solution: You may encounter this issue in one of the following cases described below. The solution depends on the case.

Survey JSON is invalid

When you declare a survey JSON schema or load it from a file or a web server, ensure that it does not contain syntax errors (unclosed brackets or quotation marks, missing commas). Your JSON schema should also follow the survey structure and declare at least the elements property at the first level. Refer to the following help topic for more information: Define a Static Survey Model in JSON.

Instead of a JSON schema, you can use methods to build a survey model. Refer to the following documentation article for details: Create or Change a Survey Model Dynamically.

Survey does not contain visible elements

Survey elements become invisible when their visible property is set to false or their visibleIf expression evaluates to false. Ensure that the visible property is enabled and the visibleIf expressions evaluate to true.

Survey uses an unregistered custom question component

If you implement a custom question component, add it to the survey's ComponentCollection. For more information, refer to the following help topic: Create Specialized Question Types.

Answers are duplicated

Issue: When a user answers a question, the answer is copied to another question.

Solution: Survey uses a question's name property value to identify the question and differentiate it from other questions. If you set the same name for multiple questions, Survey considers them the same question and copies answers between them. To resolve this issue, specify a unique name for each question in your survey.

If answer duplication is desired behavior, use the copyvalue trigger to implement it.

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