Export Matrix questions to PDF

SurveyPDF supports export all types of SurveyJS matrix questions. When exporting, SurveyPDF tries to render the matrix as a table. But if there is no enough free space, then SurveyPDF will render the matrix as a list

You can set preferred render directly to fit your needs more accurately. Pass matrixRenderAs parameter with "list" value to render all matrix questions as list. Omit this parameter or pass "auto" value to allow SurveyPDF automatically choose renders matrix as a table or as a list

const options = {
    matrixRenderAs: 'list'
const surveyPDF = new SurveyPDF.SurveyPDF(json, options);

Also, you can override the render of particular matrix question via setting renderAs property with "list" value. Default value is "auto"

const json = {
    type: 'matrix',
    name: 'matrix_as_list',
    columns: [
        'Column 1'
    rows: [
        'Row 1'
    renderAs: 'list'

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