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v 1.9.45


Survey Creator configuration. Pass it as an argument to the SurveyCreator constructor:

const creator = new SurveyCreator.SurveyCreator(creatorOptions);
allowChangeThemeInPreview property
allowEditExpressionsInTextEditor property
allowModifyPages property
generateValidJSON property
haveCommercialLicense property
isAutoSave property
isRTL property
maximumChoicesCount property
maximumColumnsCount property
maximumRateValues property
maximumRowsCount property
maxLogicItemsInCondition property
maxVisibleChoices property
pageEditMode property
questionTypes property
readOnly property
showDefaultLanguageInPreviewTab property
showDesignerTab property
showEmbeddedSurveyTab property
showErrorOnFailedSave property
showHeaderInEmptySurvey property
showInvisibleElementsInPreviewTab property
showJSONEditorTab property
showLogicTab property
showObjectTitles property
showPagesInPreviewTab property
showPreviewTab property
showSimulatorInPreviewTab property
showSurveyTitle property
showTitlesInExpressions property
showTranslationTab property
themeForPreview property

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