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v 1.9.43


A Model for a matrix dropdown question. You may use a dropdown, checkbox, radiogroup, text and comment questions as a cell editors.

addError method
allowAdaptiveActions property
alternateRows property
ariaRequired property
cellType property
checkAndSetPropertyValue method
choices property
choicesLoaded method
clearErrors method
clearIfInvisible property
clearIncorrectValues method
clearValue method
clone method
collapse method
columnColCount property
columnLayout property
columnMinWidth property
columns property
columnsVisibleIf property
comment property
commentPlaceHolder property
commentText property
containsErrors property
correctAnswer property
cssClasses property
currentErrorCount property
customWidget property
defaultValue property
defaultValueExpression property
descriptionLocation property
detailElements property
detailPanel property
detailPanelMode property
enableIf property
errors property
expand method
focus method
fromJSON method
fullTitle property
getAllErrors method
getColumnByName method
getColumnWidth method
getDisplayValue method
getLocale method
getPlainData method
getPropertyByName method
getPropertyValue method
getRowValue method
getTemplate method
getTitleLocation method
getType method
hasComment property
hasDescription property
hasErrors method
hasInput property
hasSingleInput property
hasTitle property
hideIfRowsEmpty property
hideNumber property
horizontalScroll property
id property
indent property
inSurvey property
isAllowTitleLeft property
isCollapsed property
isColumnLayoutHorizontal property
isDescendantOf method
isDesignMode property
isEmpty method
isExpanded property
isLoadingFromJson property
isPage property
isPanel property
isParentVisible property
isQuestion property
isReadOnly property
isRequired property
isUniqueCaseSensitive property
isValueEmpty method
isVisible property
keyDuplicationError property
maxWidth property
minWidth property
moveTo method
name property
no property
onItemValuePropertyChanged event
onPropertyChanged event
onReadyChanged event
page property
parent property
parentQuestion property
placeholder property
processedTitle property
quizQuestionCount property
readOnly property
registerFunctionOnPropertiesValueChanged method
registerFunctionOnPropertyValueChanged method
removeError method
renderWidth property
requiredErrorText property
requiredIf property
requiredText property
rightIndent property
rows property
rowsVisibleIf property
rowTitleWidth property
runCondition method
setPropertyValue method
setRowValue method
showHeader property
startWithNewLine property
state property
survey property
title property
titleLocation property
toggleState method
toJSON method
totalText property
unRegisterFunctionOnPropertiesValueChanged method
unRegisterFunctionOnPropertyValueChanged method
useDisplayValuesInTitle property
validators property
value property
valueName property
verticalAlign property
visible property
visibleIf property
visibleIndex property
visibleRows property
width property

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